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Are you always coming up with ideas? Do you marvel at successful business owners? Do you hate being told what to do? Ever take things apart just to see how they work? Are you a dreamer? If you've answered yes to ANY of these questions, this podcast is for you. Welcome to the Entrepreneurial Enclave with Kevin Wortham. The podcast that focuses on building, maintaining, pivoting, planning, and investing in you - The Entrepreneur!

Nov 16, 2022

Gogie Padilla is a proud Brooklynite born and bred who has been living in the lovely state of New Jersey for 20 years raising her family.  She is a graduate of Hofstra University and had an extensive 30-year career in fundraising. In 1999, after fundraising for a successful political campaign she became cofounder of a firm in New York City working primarily in the non-profit and political sectors, having raised over $30 million for candidates and organizations.  

Gogie is also the founder and CEO of Answer Sure, LLC - a phone scam prevention service she created in 2021.  As we are all aware phone scams, along with all sorts of fraud, has become a worldwide epidemic.  With billions of dollars lost to phone scams in the US alone in the year 2021, there is a need for better protection for the vulnerable. The most critical variable that determines whether a scammer is successful or not is if the targeted victim answers their phone.

After a very chilling experience where Gogie’s very independent, spry mother almost became a victim of a phone scam, Answer Sure was born. Answer Sure, LLC is a phone service designed to assist at preventing phone scams by creating a barrier between the criminal and their targeted victim through a unique vetting process. The service is available for both landlines and cell phones, with an accompanying app that is both Apple and Android accessible.


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